At MyHealthyGenie, we are devoted to promoting the health and well-being of school children. It will equip students with knowledge, skills, and basic health facilities. We see that in today’s fast-paced world, students are attracted to unhealthy choices are prevalent, and it is essential to prioritize the health and wellness of children. We understand the importance of joint effort between schools and parents in fostering a healthy and safe environment for your children. Therefore, our program motivates the students to be actively involved in activities and support from parents, educators, and community members to emphasize the lessons learned in school and create a holistic approach to health education. Our program aims to bloom the love for learning and empower students to become lifelong advocates for their well-being.


It is important to develop a proper health educational program that covers almost all aspects of health, including physical health, mental health, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene. MyHealthyGenie provides an academic calendar where you will get a plan of at least 35-36 weeks. It is arranged in chronological order. A range of core health topics is covered with a breakdown of topics and sub-topics wherever required with the help of our professional team members. We also Ensure that a curriculum designed for a certain age group of students, and aligned with their needs and the developmental stages of those children, is used.


In today’s world, we all know how curial it is to take care of the health of students. Good health is linked to good academic performance as they are mentally and physically fit. By Organizing health promotion campaigns and events within the school, we at MyHealthyGenie try to promote the health of students with the help of regular engaging activities. First aid training and the say no to Tobacco campaign are some of our successful activities. We also hold workshops, assemblies, and guest speaker sessions to educate students about various health topics. Conduct fitness challenges, nutrition quizzes, or cooking demonstrations to make health education engaging and interactive.


Active commuting comes with a circle of benefits, such as physical and mental health, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. Motivate students to walk or bike to school by creating safe walking and biking paths. It will improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthens muscles and bones. Moreover, it will help students to reduce stress and overcome symptoms of anxiety. We at MyHealthyGenie organize “Walk to School” or “Bike to School” days to promote physical activity and reduce traffic congestion during our walkathon or cycothon week. Offer incentives to students who actively commute to school. Also, providing interactive career counselling workshops encourages students to come to school regularly, which not only gives them academic excellence but also keeps them fit. 


 Health education aims to enhance health literacy by providing comprehensive and accurate information. It also focuses on preventing diseases and the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. By Incorporating health education into the school curriculum, we at MyHealthyGenie try to develop health skills in students. We should teach students about the benefits of having a balanced diet, doing regular physical activity, practicing good hygiene, and beware of the danger of consuming drugs. Along with it help teachers to get an early cancer screening. We also have health screening programs for students, which are proven to be a success.  


No one knows the child better than their parents, even today. The first one to get information about the student is their parents. So, collaborating with them is important so that they can also support and teach their child. Involve parents in promoting healthy habits in their child is comprehensive and enhances communication. Share information on healthy recipes, physical activity ideas, and tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We at MyHealthyGenie organize workshops or parent engagement sessions on nutrition, cooking, and promoting physical activity at home. If we find some serious health issues with the student, we contact their parents and guide them in these kinds of panic situations.


It is important to keep an eye on the school to maintain a healthy environment that keeps supporting the well-being of the students. Students spend a considerable amount of time in school, so the school should have healthy and enjoyable surroundings. The school canteen should offer wholesome meals, provide clean drinking tap water, and promote hygienic practices by maintaining clean and well-equipped washrooms in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Encourage students to participate in creating a clean and green campus through initiatives like gardening and waste management programs. MyHealthyGenie helps you to establish a school health clinic where students can receive basic healthcare facilities and first aid. We also maintain clear protocols for managing health emergencies.

By implementing these strategies along MyHealthyGenie, schools can play a significant role in training school children to live healthy lives and in still lifelong healthy habits. It’s important to provide a supportive environment, educate students about healthy choices, and encourage regular physical activity and nutritious eating habits.

MyHealthyGenie provides a holistic school health program that is designed as per Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) guidelines and addresses health and education together under the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and National Health Policy (NHP) 2020 for health and well-being for all children through preventive and promotive healthcare Solutions.

Remember to adapt your approach to your school and its students’ specific needs and cultural context. By implementing our comprehensive health education program, you can empower school children to make informed decisions and lead healthy lives. We offer you a professional team that will collaborate with your school, students, and parents. We invite you to join us to train school children to live healthily. Let’s create a generation of empowered, informed, and healthy students who will shape a brighter and healthier future for themselves and also for their communities.

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